JoinCast was founded in 1987, a ISO:9001:2015 certified company. Early with pressure Die Casting and machining.


In recent years, actively introduce various types of CNC machine to increase the efficiency and accuracy of processing.


2009 moved to Changhua Chuansing industrial areas to increase production capacity with the increasing business.


The company mainly engaged in the aluminum alloy die-casting OEM company.


Main casting materials include ADC-3, ADC-12.


We have continuity of the production process in our factory,




Aluminum die casting (HPDC)


Buffing, Grinding


Shot blasting,


CNC lathe machining,


CNC tapping machining,


CNC Center machining,


Air leaking test


Powder coating


Liquid painting


Chemical conversion treatment


Quality inspection,




Our excellent technology of produce with the strict quality control, to reach customers with high quality requirements.


JoinCast., Ltd. consistent with customer objectives, and to make the best products goal.

Zitai Die Casting Machine

TOSHIBA 135T Die Casting Machine

TOSHIBA R-Type 350T Die Casting Machine

Die Casting Production Site

Mold Maintenance Area


Outboard Parts
Pneumatic Parts
Mower Parts
Auto Parts
Medical Parts
Transmission Parts
Lighting Parts
Stoves Parts


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JoinCast., Ltd.

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